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About RATO
We are very pleased to introduce our company to you, RATO INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS LTD, specialize in designing and manufacturing all kinds of mould (injection moulds, die casting moulds and stamping moulds etc.) for more than 5 years, according to different customer’s requirements.

At present, we could supply the items as below:

A. plastic components and moulds
we have CAD/CAM facilities and advanced NC cutting and spark erosion equipment and fully equipped workshops to ensure rapid development of high precision moulds. Also, we got more than 10 sets of injection machines ranged from 150gram to 15000gram;

B. die-casting and metal parts
our company are engaged in the manufacture and assembly of machined components for a wide range of different products, with a varied customer base and able to work any kind of material, ferrous and non ferrous, as brass, stainless steel, aluminium, copper etc...;

C. cable ties and medical parts
all these products conform to U.S. and European standards.

Operating Policy
For the market, we lead tidal current, and we are an enterprise who braves to innovate.
For the emplyee, we trust hand in hand, and we are a good model of laborcapital relations.
For the customer, we provide satisfaction, and we are a good friend who care for with great solicitude.
For the same trade, we get ahead of tactic, and we are a competitor who deserves to respect.
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